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February 2014 Board Meeting Minutes


BOARD MEETING, February 25, 2014

Call to Order/Roll Call/Affirmation of Quorum

Board member, Jerry Hopper, called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. The meeting was held in the Whetstone Fire District station classroom, 2422 N Firehouse Lane, Huachuca City, Arizona.


Jerry Hopper, Board member
Ken Leffler, Clerk
Mary Foote, Board member
Peter Bidon, Fire Chief


Rick Evans, Chairman and Wayne Lewis, Board member

It was determined a quorum existed with three board members present.

Review, Amendment and Possible Approval of Public Session Minutes for November 26th,th, 2013

Mary Foote made the following motion, seconded by Ken Leffler and approved all in favor none opposed:

Move to accept the public session minutes for Novemberth, 2013 as presented.

Call to the Public

No members of the public wished to address the board.

Fire Act Grant Submittal

Chief Bidon stated we applied for approximately $400,000 in grant money for an engine; we have the 5% match in capital.

Review and Discussion for the PBW Consolidation

Chief Bidon stated he has a template for the letter PBW has to send to their residents and Whetstone Fire District has to send to our residents advising them of a meeting where they can voice concerns and discuss the advantages of the consolidation. There will be separate meetings for each District. The letter will be ready next month when Chief Bidon has completed the impact statement to be included with the letter.

Jerry Hopper asked if anything has been done about the PBW buildings. Chief Bidon stated Cathy Dyer and Chief Bidon secured all the files by bringing them to the Whetstone Fire District fire station. Chief Bidon also stated in the next few weeks we will be doing inventory on their equipment so he can ask the PBW fire board what they want to go to auction.

PBW’s current assessment at 2,753,000 is lower than last year’s value of 2,900,000.

Vehicle Status (Ambulance and Engines: 322 and 321)

Engine 322 has a cracked motor; a used rebuilt motor runs about $18,000. It is not worth the effort to repair since it is old and out of compliance with NFPA. The truck will be scrapped after the pump has been removed to be used as a training prop.

A mechanic confirmed Engine 321’s leak is due to the pump packing. The engine will be sent to the City of Sierra Vista to have the pump packing tightened or replaced.

The old ambulance (322) had about $3,000 of maintenance including replacing the radiator and engine oil cooler. It is running and passed the ADHS inspection. Ambulance 323 needs to go to Ford to have the AC fixed in the back of the unit; should be a warranty item.

Review, Discussion and Possible Approval of the Financial Reports for November 2013, December 2013 and January 2014

Due to compliance with the new state law the board members each have a copy of the financial reports with details regarding each check that went out, who it went to and why.

Chief Bidon stated we have $64,440.50 in the account with taxes still coming in and a payment from the PBW contract due soon. We are currently under budget.

Ken Leffler made the following motion, seconded by Mary Foote and approved all in favor none opposed:

Move to approve the financial reports as presented.

Chief’s Report

Chief Bidon said we ended the 2013 calendar year with 835 calls for service. January 2014, ended with 90 calls and we are at 157 calls for the year to date. Whetstone Fire District personnel went to a fire at the Huachuca City Elementary School. Also, we had a couple EMS calls in Sierra Vista; due to a change of operations they will call us when needed. Chief Bidon took command in Huachuca City for a couple weeks in December while Chief Allmon was on vacation. The command vehicles are almost finished; lights and radios were installed by Captain Manning, saving the District installation fees.

Two new homes were built in the District off the Babocomari Ranch development area.

Firefighter, TJ Rownan, resigned; he took a position as the music director at a church. Danny Speer was hired as a full-time firefighter, EMT.

Huachuca City has given us permission to add items to their yard for their next auction. We will not be charged auction fees. There is no scheduled auction at this time.

The Whetstone Fire District has gone down in value $1,000,000. Chief Bidon will talk to the County to find out why.
The EMT class is finished. Seven students took the national registry test and passed, there are three more students who will be taking the test. Five of the new EMT’s are Whetstone Fire District employees.

The firefighter 1 & 2 academy started last Wednesday with 15 students, 9 from out of District, bringing $8,200 into the District. Class is every Wednesday night, every Saturday and every other Sunday, totaling about 410 hours.

The bed and breakfast is at Ash and Maple in the Coronado Ranch Estates.

Ken Leffler asked about the time line for completion of consolidation with PBW. Chief Bidon stated he wanted it to be done by June but it will more likely be by August or September.

Mary Foote made the following motion, seconded by Ken Leffler and approved all in favor none opposed:

Move to accept the Chief’s Report as presented.

Board Member Comments

Ken Leffler stated he does not want more than one month to pass without a board meeting.
Jerry Hopper stated that during a recent visit to the Sierra Vista Regional Health Center he was told by a nurse that the Whetstone Fire District personnel are so nice she wishes all of the ambulance technicians were like them.
Ken Leffler stated the fire board is also happy with the Whetstone Fire District personnel.
Jerry Hopper and Ken Leffler offered use of flat bed trailers for moving vehicles and other items to Huachuca City for the auction.


Ken Leffler made the following motion, seconded by Mary Foote and approved all in favor none opposed:

Adjourn the meeting.

Chairman Rick Evans
Diana Jones, Administration

AGENDA February 2014

Pursuant to A.R.S. 38-431.02

DATE:                                                   Tuesday, February 25th, 2014
TIME:                                                   6:00 P.M.

Whetstone Fire District
2422 N Firehouse Lane
Whetstone, AZ 85616


1. Call Meeting to Order
2. Roll Call and Affirmation of Quorum
3. Review, Amendment and Possible Approval of Public Session Minutes for November 26th 2013
4. Call to the Public
1.  5. Fire Act Grant Submittal
2.  6. Review and Discussion of the PBW Consolidation
3.  7. Vehicle Status (Ambulance and Engines: 322 and 321)
4. 8. Review, Discussion and Possible Approval of the Financial Reports for November 2013, December 2013 and January 2014
5.  9. Chief’s Report
6.  10. Board Members Comments
11. Adjournment


The Whetstone Fire District Board may vote to go into Executive Session on any agenda item pursuant to ARS 38-431.03(A)(3) for discussion and consultation for legal advice with the governing Board Attorney on the matter(s) as set forth in the agenda item. The order of the Agenda may be altered or changed by order of the Board. Copies of the Agenda are  available upon request at Administration 2422 N. Firehouse Lane Whetstone, AZ. 85616. Call to the Public – According to  the Arizona Open Meeting Law, the District Board can only discuss matters listed on the meeting agenda. At the  conclusion of the open call to the public, individual Board Members may respond to criticism made by those individuals who have addressed the Board, may ask staff to review a matter or may ask that a matter be placed on a future agenda. However the Board will not discuss or take action on any matter rose during a Call to the Public unless the matter has been properly noticed on the agenda. Please step forward or otherwise identify yourself when the Chair announces the item(s) on the agenda which you are interested in addressing.
1. Please state your name and address for the record.
2. Speak only on the issue currently being discussed by the Board.
3. Please limit your comments to 5 minutes.
4. During “Call to the Public” you may address the Board on any issue within the jurisdiction of the Fire Board.
5. Any member of the public speaking must speak in a courteous and respectful manner to those present.
Thank you for your cooperation.
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