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November Board Meeting Minutes


BOARD MEETING, November 25, 2014

Call to Order/Roll Call/Affirmation of Quorum

Chairman, Rick Evans, called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. The meeting was held in the Whetstone Fire District Station 321 classroom, 2422 N Firehouse Lane, Huachuca City, Arizona.


Rick Evans, Chairman
Ken Leffler, Clerk
Mary Foote, Board Member
Jerry Hopper, Board Member
Wayne Lewis, Board Member
Peter Bidon, Fire Chief
Cathy Dyer, Office Manager


It was determined a quorum existed with all board members present.

Review, Amendment and Possible Approval of Public Session Minutes for October

Mary Foote made the following motion, seconded by Wayne Lewis and approved all in favor none opposed:

Move to accept the public session minutes for October as presented.

Call to the Public

No members of the public wished to address the board.

Review, Discussion and Possible Approval of Resolution 2014-06; Requesting Whetstone Fire District Allow the PBW Fire District to Consolidate with the Whetstone Fire District.

Our new county attorney, Britt Hanson, wants us to pass another resolution with slightly different language. PBW passed their resolution yesterday. The new meeting dates for public comment are December 16th and 17th. Consolidation can then be completed at the December board meeting.

Jerry Hopper made the following motion, seconded by Wayne Lewis and approved all in favor none opposed:

Move to adopt the Resolution 2014-06 as presented.

Review, Discussion and Possible Approval of the Financial Reports

Cathy Dyer said it is now a requirement that the financial reports include all the statements from the Cochise County Treasurer. We received about $106,000 in tax revenue and a deposit of $35,000 will be made tomorrow. We are going in and out of the line of credit.

Ken Leffler asked for the average monthly ambulance billing revenue. Cathy Dyer stated it varies between $5000 and $8000 per month. Chief Bidon stated the revenue will decrease a little when the consolidation is complete because PBW residents will qualify for the subsidy write off amount offered to Whetstone Fire District residents; however, the new tax revenue will offset the loss.

Mary Foote made the following motion, seconded by Wayne Lewis and approved all in favor none opposed:

Move to approve the financial reports as presented.

Chief’s Report

We broke over 809 (calls) for the year already, today. We got the EMT class; it’s nearing its end with three (two) more weeks left. Jeromy’s been doing a lot with that, it’s kind of his program this year. They will be ready to go to national registry testing.

Mr. Schelling and I went to Bisbee and met with Britt Hanson regarding the consolidation and rewrote the resolutions.

We had the spaghetti dinner the other night with right around $600 in donations (district reimbursement not deducted) and six turkeys. Another 10 turkeys were donated yesterday.

We had an auto aid fire in Huachuca City; it’s been in the newspaper, off of Skyline. Then we had a structure fire here on Halloween night, right over here on Calle Sereno, a vacant doublewide. Somebody saw some people leave the house 30 to 40 minutes before they saw fire and by the time – we had a one minute response time because we basically were setting up the haunted house and you walk outside and there’s this big plume of smoke and you look over like that’s not a brush fire. So we got there pretty quick and by the time we were on scene from the minute we saw it ‘til we got on scene it was already blown out both doors and through the roof and the weeds were about eight foot tall and there was even a truck in the yard we never knew was there, it was buried by weeds. At that point we deemed it unsafe and kind of went to a defensive operation. We did have Huachuca City Fire assist us with the structural fire fighting but there was about a 40 to 50 foot tree on the corner that the fire was getting up into so I did request a type 6 brush truck from Fry and Tombstone just to keep the embers down and chase anything that may hit the highway while we were letting this fire burn. The residents were real happy with the fire district and what we did out there. I was a little concerned because they were thanking me for letting it burn stating that we’re… they were concerned that there was possibly vagrants living in it or possibly used for extracurricular illegal activity. By the time we got on scene there was no way to send anybody inside to look for anybody. They knocked it down fairly quick. The guys and girls did a great job out there, I couldn’t be happier. Everything was controlled.

The haunted house was a huge hit to the community; over 160 people showed up for it. We did a trunk-or-treat and there’s people already planning for next year to come back and more people wanting to partake. They thought it was a great event for us to do out in Whetstone since the kids can’t trick-or-treat but they were able to come here and do it and then obviously have the haunted house. Which, again, was not geared for little guys, but if this thing takes off and we continue to do it then maybe we can make something for the little kids off to the side that’s not so scary. Mary Foote stated “you did a terrific job on that”. Chief Bidon stated it was the men and women; I just assisted where I could, then left. The prevention fair, again, that was a good hit we probably hit about 160 residents, with that, again that’s been a hit. We also hit about 400 kids at the school for fire prevention. We teamed up with Huachuca City, this was our second year. This year we added the third graders. I think we’re going to keep it kindergarten, first, second and third and we’re not going to go any higher than that. To where the school wants to know if we’ll come back in May and do a summer safety thing for the older kids and stuff. So we will do that and we’ll mainly focus on pool safety and that kind of stuff and hydration for heat emergencies and things like that.

I wanted to tell you guys in case Chief Miller, Bill Miller, over there at Fry gives you guys a call – I got an email from him about a week ago. He has some concerns {inaudible} understand we do automatic aid with Huachuca City for fire. Well, I’ve asked Huachuca City to assist us with EMS calls from six in the morning ‘til six and night ‘til our part timers get here and we have four on duty. Just having two people on scene versus four the EMS scene is smoother with four people and I say let’s do what’s better for the people versus separation areas. Well Huachuca City has asked that we go up there for only major medicals i.e. unconscious patients, heart attacks, cardiac arrests and assist them ‘til Fry gets there. Chief Miller sent me a thing and he was a little upset that we’re responding up there and he said he didn’t have a problem with us assisting Huachuca City on first response EMS but he prefer we not take an ambulance. So I sent him a very professional email back that stated that in a very nice way that basically he’s not going to dictate how Whetstone Fire runs operations or assists another agency on calls. I did apologize that if us helping our neighbor offended the Fry Fire District. That’s kind of where I left it but I’m letting you guys know just in case he tries to contact you guys because I already know that he’s contacted some council members and the mayor in Huachuca City having an issue with it. And I don’t know what the issue is, you know the majority of his paramedics are happy having a second paramedic on scene to assist and the ones we go on usually are major medical, we’re not going on every EMS call in Huachuca City. Ken Leffler asked what is his {Chief Miller’s} concern and how is it hurting them? Chief Bidon stated they do not have a contract they have a CON which the state of Arizona governs where ambulance stuff goes and who transports. And that’s basically what it is; we’re not taking his transports. So there is no harm no foul other than the residents are getting advanced life support on scene 6 to 8 minutes quicker than they normally would. Ken Leffler asked if it is up to Huachuca City. Chief Bidon stated, yes, it’s up to Huachuca City and it’s up to Whetstone Fire District and Chief Allmon and I have made the decision that’s what we’re going to do until he gets any direction from his governing body i.e. the council and mayor and I get any direction from you guys to tell me that we’re going to cease and desist. My philosophy is we’re going to continue to do it to what’s best for the residents. Even though they’re Huachuca City residents we’re gaining assistance for our residents when they come down here. So to me it’s a fair trade off.

The only other thing I have for my chief’s report, we had 99 calls for the month of October, but 42 of them were burn checks. But that was 32 EMS calls. The only other thing is Captain Manning is our EMS captain and he and I met with Dorothy Porter and Mike Nervik (sp), I’m going to butcher this but I want to say it was about two weeks ago and basically what’s happening is Sierra Vista and Fry don’t want to be going to Tombstone all the time for mutual aid with HCI and we are a lot closer; it takes us anywhere from 12 to 17 minutes to get on scene where it’s taking them 37 minutes to get on scene. So the thought process is would we be willing under mutual aid to help assist with EMS in Tombstone if it arises. And at this point, you know, talking with Tombstone and them it is something we can do so we’re going to say yeah we’ll honor the Cochise County mutual aid but as long as we don’t affect our District here. So, again, it’s about serving the people and I think they are realizing that we can get there quicker and it’s probably better to have us go and I talked to them two years ago when the guy wrecked his motorcycle at 82 and 80 and laid out on the road for 45 minutes while a Fry ambulance came and drove through our district all the way out there just to launch a helicopter when we could have been there in nine minutes. So I was a little upset this trauma patient laid on the side of the road for 45 minutes waiting for an ambulance. Launch a helicopter.

Ken Leffler made the following motion, seconded by Jerry Hopper and approved all in favor none opposed:

Move to accept the Chief’s Report as presented.

Executive Session; Current Personnel Issue

Ken Leffler made the following motion, seconded by Wayne Lewis and approved all in favor none opposed:

Move to go into executive session to discuss a current personnel issue.

Board Member Comments

No Board Member comments


Wayne Lewis made the following motion, seconded by Jerry Hopper and approved all in favor none opposed:

Adjourn the meeting.

Rick Evans, Chairman
Diana Jones, Billing Administrator

AGENDA November 2014

Pursuant to A.R.S. 38-431.02

DATE:                                                  Tuesday, November 25th, 2014
TIME:                                                   6:00 P.M.

Whetstone Fire District
2422 N Firehouse Lane
Whetstone, AZ 85616


1. Call Meeting to Order
2. Roll Call and Affirmation of Quorum
3. Review, Amendment and Possible Approval of Public Session Minutes for October 2014
4. Call to the Public
1.  5. Review, Discussion and Possible Approval of Resolution 2014-06; Requesting Whetstone Fire District Allow the PBW Fire District to Consolidate with the Whetstone Fire District.
2.  6. Review, Discussion and Possible Approval of the Financial Reports
3.  7. Chief’s Report
4.  8. Executive Session; Current Personnel Issue
5.  9. Board Members Comments
10.  Adjournment


The Whetstone Fire District Board may vote to go into Executive Session on any agenda item pursuant to ARS 38-431.03(A)(3) for discussion and consultation for legal advice with the governing Board Attorney on the matter(s) as set forth in the agenda item. The order of the Agenda may be altered or changed by order of the Board. Copies of the Agenda are  available upon request at Administration 2422 N. Firehouse Lane Whetstone, AZ. 85616. Call to the Public – According to  the Arizona Open Meeting Law, the District Board can only discuss matters listed on the meeting agenda. At the  conclusion of the open call to the public, individual Board Members may respond to criticism made by those individuals who have addressed the Board, may ask staff to review a matter or may ask that a matter be placed on a future agenda. However the Board will not discuss or take action on any matter rose during a Call to the Public unless the matter has been properly noticed on the agenda. Please step forward or otherwise identify yourself when the Chair announces the item(s) on the agenda which you are interested in addressing.
1. Please state your name and address for the record.
2. Speak only on the issue currently being discussed by the Board.
3. Please limit your comments to 5 minutes.
4. During “Call to the Public” you may address the Board on any issue within the jurisdiction of the Fire Board.
5. Any member of the public speaking must speak in a courteous and respectful manner to those present.
Thank you for your cooperation.
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