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January Board Meeting Minutes


BOARD MEETING, January 27, 2014

Call to Order/Roll Call/Affirmation of Quorum

Chairman, Rick Evans, called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. The meeting was held in the Whetstone Fire District Station 321 classroom, 2422 N Firehouse Lane, Huachuca City, Arizona.


Rick Evans, Chairman
Ken Leffler, Clerk
Mary Foote, Board Member
Jerry Hopper, Board Member
Peter Bidon, Fire Chief

Absent: Wayne Lewis, Board Member

It was determined a quorum existed with four board members present.

Review, Amendment and Possible Approval of Public Session Minutes for December

Mary Foote made the following motion, seconded by Jerry Hopper and approved all in favor none opposed:

Move to accept the public session minutes for December as presented.

Call to the Public

No members of the public wished to address the board.

Review, Discussion and Possible Approval of Resolution 2014-06; Requesting Whetstone Fire District Allow the PBW Fire District to Consolidate with the Whetstone Fire District.

Our new county attorney, Britt Hanson, wants us to pass another resolution with slightly different language. PBW passed their resolution yesterday. The new meeting dates for public comment are December 16th and 17th. Consolidation can then be completed at the December board meeting.

Jerry Hopper made the following motion, seconded by Wayne Lewis and approved all in favor none opposed:

Move to adopt the Resolution 2014-06 as presented.

Review, Discussion and Possible Approval of the Financial Reports

Chief Bidon stated the financial reports given to the Board Members show we are in the black in all three accounts: operations budget is at $138,233; the capital budget is $146,245; the Volunteer Pension is $37,772.

Ambulance billing revenue reports presented a collection of $1,153,967.46 over the past 8 years, averaging $144,245.93 per year. Monthly collections are from previous month’s transports and billing.

Jerry Hopper made the following motion, seconded by Ken Leffler and approved all in favor none opposed:

Move to approve the financial reports as presented.

Chief’s Report

Cathy and I attended the Cochise County Board of Supervisors meeting today because we were on the agenda for information only, the board of supervisors does not vote on the consolidation between PBW and Whetstone. But it was on the agenda because the board members, the county board of supervisors, have ten days to submit any questions or comments in writing to the district to either board for you guys to either read to the public or if there are any questions that we may need to answer for them that they have. They were real receptive today; they had a power point presentation. They gave us kudos for going through and doing what we’ve done and pretty much kind of left it at that. The only other thing we got to do, you guys saw, we did a phone amendment to Resolution 14-06 so that the other resolution same exact verbiage except for changing the meeting date to February 9, and that is Resolution 15-01. So that’s our first resolution. And I’m just giving that because we have to have it on record that is was explained and it was signed and we did the phone thing so it was all good.

The other thing you guys can see I changed up the monthly thing for you guys a little bit on the calls; the only thing we added that was a spare of the moment thought I had when I was actually going over with Spencer on how to do this. You can see our total for the month of December is 87 calls, we had the one {inaudible} construction fire then and as you go down you can see the breakdown of our calls. But also I’m going to add the yearly total so you guys will have a running year-to-date calls that we have and I can change that to year-to-date. That’s probably what I’ll do here to date. We’re doing it like this because believe it or not it does make it a lot easier for us when we apply for grants if we already have these done because this form kind of goes off the fire act grant, the way they want the calls broke down so that’s kind of why we did it this way, it makes it easier for us. Makes the work load go much quicker because we apply every year for grants.

So we finished the year with 918 calls which you notice every year we’ve been going up. I did one new construction permit inspection and that’s at the WD, the waste collection company right there and basically what they’ve done is add was a fuel tank for fueling their trucks. It’s diesel fuel. But it meets the code. It’s a double barrel so they don’t have to have a dike around it because it’s a double barrel so if the internal one breaks the external one… yeah, double wall. The only other thing I requested them to do, and Captain Manning and I will being doing a follow up inspection is they had a lot of 55-gallon drums for like oil and hydraulic oil and stuff like that so I did require them to make a concrete dike and place those canisters inside that dike in case one of those containers {inaudible}. It will be a slab with concrete walls.

We do have another request that I’m reviewing the plans for right now for the Cowboy Church. They submitted phase two of their project to build their actual building now so I’ll be going over that, going through the code and sitting down with their pastor who happens to also be the building code official for the City of Sierra Vista. So I don’t think we’re going to have any problems with them; he seems to be in tune with what needs to be done and everything so that one’s looking good.

The training, again, we continue with the fire fighter training and the EMS CE’s. We did put on an EVOC class this last weekend for certification between Whetstone and Huachuca City and our combined training efforts and we also allowed Benson Fire and Mescal Fire to attend. We didn’t charge them anything for it because it’s a real quick two day class. Whetstone Fire is a requirement for our personnel wanting to attend the driver/operator program to have the EVOC cert. in order to move on.

I’m sad to say, it’s on the next thing, significant events, Engine 323 had an accident. Right on the last day of the EVOC when the class was over when they went to put fuel in the truck they turned the corner to sharp or whatever and they hit one of the steel pillars at the gas pump. The damage is minimal; actually fire fighter Speer’s been working on that. Basically I guess he had to just smooth out some of… it just dented up a aluminum rail that goes on the side of the truck. So he cleaned that up fixed it up and he’s just got to retap some screws to put that back on. But the truck itself is not damaged, the gas pump wasn’t damaged, the steel or concrete pipe is still there.

We did assist Huachuca City with a structure fire on Apache about two weeks ago and Captain Manning had command of that one and I don’t know if I told you guys or not but we did have that structure fire on Birch in that house we had a fire in about two or three years ago; it partially collapsed then but it was still standing and there was a big hole and everything. So we got on scene and we just kind of conserved our water and took it all the way to the ground; it was not safe to send anybody in. And, again we were thanked by some neighbors but we’re trying to explain to them that this is not our norm not our habit but that the building is too dangerous.

The letters went out to the residents for the consolidation stuff and I’ve covered for the HC fire chief duties from Wednesday ‘til Monday to assist their fire chief.

That’s what I have.

Ken Leffler asked if the Huachuca City council members are educated about the automatic aid and training together. Chief Bidon replied: my suggestion was that Jon and I have a work session with the council and possibly some of our board members so that Jon and I could explain what we’re doing instead of after every incident having to explain why we’re doing it. But I think we’ve got it… we’re good now. A couple of the council members that had the real concern wanting to know why… you know it was a territorial thing you, why is Whetstone here, why are we going out there kind of thing. Well they’ve all resigned from the council with great aspirations of being mayor in the recall election and one moved out of town so. And they’ve actually been coming up to Jon lately and thanking him and saying everything’s good. I think some of it may have been just some internal sabotage, for lack of better term. You know fire fighters with a huge territorial pride component… yeah, and I think everything Jon and I put in place with your guidance and what we could get from there… Captain Manning and Captain Foster have been working due diligence and hard you know trying to make it smooth and there is no finger pointing there is none of that, you know. The after action reviews, I do one after every major call or any call that we’re taking command and everybody’s entitled, everybody has a say. And we approach it as a what did we do right and what can we do better? Instead of you didn’t do this or you didn’t do that it’s what can we do better. So that seems to be pretty receptive wouldn’t you say Jeromy? It’s been working out. And I know they’re enjoying the trainings. We are moving the trainings you know like we’ll do one weekend here, we’ll do one weekend in Huachuca City and we’re starting to do one weekend that we do the training out in PBW just so those residents can say hey look they’re out here training. And they can see, you know, it’s kind of trying to blend, you know the consolidation, you know we’re at the end so it’s trying to show them listen we’re here for you, you know? This is what we’re doing. Whetstone Fire District, we’re neutral, we’re not taking sides on any election up there or anything like that. I’m just letting you know because they’ll have council members come and ask me questions and I’m just very neutral, very very neutral. I don’t want it to be Whetstone Fire District’s fault. Because you know no matter what that’s what it will come to. And we have had a couple of calls where we’ve had multiple calls going on at the same time and we’ve used mutual aid from Sierra Vista for ambulance and stuff like that and we’ve also gone into Sierra Vista a few times for mutual aid when their ambulance’s are over loaded and there’s no problems with that one either.

Ken Leffler made the following motion, seconded by Mary Foote and approved all in favor none opposed:

Move to accept the Chief’s Report as presented.

Board Member Comments

Ken Leffler wants to know what is being done about rewriting the use of the command vehicles. Chief Bidon stated he is currently researching that now. Ken Leffler also wants to know the June dates for class. Chief Bidon states he doesn’t have them yet but will tell the board when the dates are known.

Jerry Hopper said he has been on the board for 15 years and it’s time he give someone else a chance on the board. He plans on attending the next meeting and will bring in a written resignation then.

Executive Session

Ken Leffler made the following motion, seconded by Mary Foote and approved all in favor none opposed:

Move to go into executive session to discuss a current personnel issue.


Jerry Hopper made the following motion, seconded by Ken Leffler and approved all in favor none opposed:

Adjourn the meeting.

Rick Evans, Chairman
Diana Jones, Billing Administrator

AGENDA January 2015

Pursuant to A.R.S. 38-431.02

DATE:                                                  Tuesday, January 27th, 2015
TIME:                                                   6:00 P.M.

Whetstone Fire District
2422 N Firehouse Lane
Whetstone, AZ 85616


1. Call Meeting to Order
2. Roll Call and Affirmation of Quorum
3. Review, Amendment and Possible Approval of Public Session Minutes for November 2014
1.  4.  Call to the Public
2.  5. Review, Discussion and Possible Approval of the Financial Reports
3.  6. Chief’s Report
4.  7. Board Members Comments
5.  8. Adjournment


The Whetstone Fire District Board may vote to go into Executive Session on any agenda item pursuant to ARS 38-431.03(A)(3) for discussion and consultation for legal advice with the governing Board Attorney on the matter(s) as set forth in the agenda item. The order of the Agenda may be altered or changed by order of the Board. Copies of the Agenda are  available upon request at Administration 2422 N. Firehouse Lane Whetstone, AZ. 85616. Call to the Public – According to  the Arizona Open Meeting Law, the District Board can only discuss matters listed on the meeting agenda. At the  conclusion of the open call to the public, individual Board Members may respond to criticism made by those individuals who have addressed the Board, may ask staff to review a matter or may ask that a matter be placed on a future agenda. However the Board will not discuss or take action on any matter rose during a Call to the Public unless the matter has been properly noticed on the agenda. Please step forward or otherwise identify yourself when the Chair announces the item(s) on the agenda which you are interested in addressing.
1. Please state your name and address for the record.
2. Speak only on the issue currently being discussed by the Board.
3. Please limit your comments to 5 minutes.
4. During “Call to the Public” you may address the Board on any issue within the jurisdiction of the Fire Board.
5. Any member of the public speaking must speak in a courteous and respectful manner to those present.
Thank you for your cooperation.
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