June Board Meeting Minutes


BOARD MEETING, June 23, 2015

Call to Order/Roll Call/Affirmation of Quorum/Pledge of Allegiance:

Acting Chairman, Ken Leffler, called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. The meeting was held in the Whetstone Fire District Station 321 classroom, 2422 N Firehouse Lane, Huachuca City, Arizona.

Ken Leffler, Clerk
Mary Foote, Board Member
Wayne Lewis, Board Member
Michelle Bell, Board Member
Peter Bidon, Fire Chief

Absent: Rick Evans, Chairman

It was determined a quorum existed with four board members present.

Call to the Public:

No members of the public wished to address the board.

Board Member Comments:

Ken Leffler stated he had a conversation with Diana Jones and she is frustrated with some events regarding transcribing the board minutes. Ken Leffler is not happy with the way the Chief’s report is typed and states the board needs to stay on subject and be more professional.

His suggestion is to have the board secretary, Michelle Bell, transcribe the minutes if she is willing.

Wayne Lewis suggested Diana Jones come to the next board meeting to assist Michelle Bell with her first board minutes.

Chief Bidon stated the chairman needs to state who makes a motion and who seconds the motion for the record and that our minutes have to be posted because we have a website.

Ken Leffler asked Chief Bidon his thoughts, Chief Bidon stated he will not talk on the tape so Wayne Lewis called for an executive session.

Executive Session

Wayne Lewis made the following motion, seconded by Michelle Bell:

Move to go into executive session.

Old Business:

1. Review, Discussion and Follow up on the Washington Station 322 Property Information

  • Follow-up with Board Member Wayne Lewis on collection of Washington property information from Pioneer Title

Wayne Lewis said there are no liens against the fire station properties on Washington and Sanders; however, we do need to change titles from PBW to Whetstone Fire District. Chief Bidon stated Cathy is working on it and the holdup is with Arizona Department of Revenue. All the paperwork has been turned in and everything should be finalized within the next two weeks.

2. Review, Discussion and Follow up on the Fire Chief’s Performance Evaluation

  • Fire Chief Bidon’s Progress and Follow-up on the Performance Evaluations to be Provided to the Board Members

Tabled for insufficient information.

3. Review, Discussion and Follow up on the District Vehicle Usage Policy

  • Item Tabled From Previous Meeting

Tabled for insufficient information.

New Business:

1. Review, Amendment and Possible Approval of Public Session Minutes for May 2015

Wayne Lewis made the following motion, seconded by Michelle Bell and approved all in favor none opposed:

Move to approve the Public Session Minutes as presented.

2. Review, Discussion and Final Adoption of the District Budget for Fiscal Year 2015/2016

Chief Bidon stated no changes were made to the proposed budget.

Mary Foote made the following motion, seconded by Ken Leffler and approved all in favor none opposed:

Move to adopt the district budget proposed for 2015/2016.

3. Review, Discussion and Possible Approval of the Financial Reports

Chief Bidon stated we will be transferring $67,170.91 into operations and $2,125.82 in to capital from PBW to Whetstone Fire effective July 1. Our General Operations is at $65,647.75 with outstanding deposits around $20,000 and warrants around $57,800; the carryover will be about $80,000. Our capital should be about $110,000 after spending $50,000 on the truck. Accurate amounts will be presented to the board next month along with what we were able to put into capital after the closing of fiscal year 2014/2015 on June 30, 2015.

Wayne Lewis made the following motion, seconded by Michelle Bell and approved all in favor none opposed:

Move to accept the financial reports as presented.

4. Review and Discussion and Possible Action on the Sale or Lease of the Property/ Building Located at 2424 N. Calle Segundo to the Whetstone Water Improvement Company

Tabled for future discussion.

5. Approval and Acceptance of the Saunders & Company LTD 2013/2014 Fiscal Year Audit Report Presented on April 9th 2015

Michelle Bell made the following motion, seconded by Wayne Lewis and approved all in favor none opposed:

Move to accept the audit report presented by Saunders & Company for 2013/2014 FY.

Chief’s Report:

  • ·Your call load is attached there for the month. At the end of May we were at 421 calls, as we stand today we are 10 calls shy of 500 for half a year so we’re probably going to push 1000 calls. And if you guys recall every year we’ve been going up with calls and we’ve been doing a lot more mutual aid with that. In fact we were in Sierra Vista today on a call an ambulance call and things like that.
  • ·I already talked to you guys about the new construction for the Mr. Rooter, that’s well under way. The drainage ditch was put in, I believe that the slab is in now and they’re working on that.
  • ·Again, we’re just continuing with our fire and EMS training.
  • ·We had an 11-acre brush fire mutual aid that we went to off of Highway 90 just shy of those homes that are being built off there. When I got there it was about an acre and by the time we were done it was 11 acres but I had wind and was waiting on trucks because we were out in the middle of nowhere. But we were able to stop it and we made our bench marks. We had Benson, Huachuca City, us, I had a state hand crew I ordered up a state hand crew to help us. So that all worked out good and we got that.
  • ·The Governor’s Highway Safety Grant – we’re still in limbo, we got it but we’re waiting for the governor to get through his things before he releases the funds. So we’re still waiting on that tool.
  • ·Again I already talked to you guys about closing out the budget for 2014/2015.
  • ·Had some apparatus repairs come up. We had to do a brake job on the ambulance and I had to replace batteries on an engine and an ambulance and we just put tires on an ambulance because we had a wobble and it was bubbles in the tire so what we’re trying to do to minimize that from happening is make sure that the guys are rotating the ambulances when they’re on shift. Just to keep the trucks moving.
  • ·Still searching for the station grants. I’ve been on that government website. There’s 222 pages of grants and it takes me a while to read through them because you read through them and you spend 40 minutes reading through one and then you find the part that says you don’t qualify, and I’m just like…
  • ·Remember I talked to you guys we were going to burn a house? I cancelled that because it was supposed to be this Saturday but we had that extreme heat warning that came out so I was not going to put the firefighters out there in their turnouts and stuff like that. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the live fire training is awesome and it’s good stuff but keeping the firefighters healthy and not tired out on a training fire to still have to run calls in the heat it’s just not worth getting somebody injured. So I canceled that.
  • ·So follow up things: we’re still waiting on a couple quotes for the bay doors and the electronic door keypad. I think we’re going to have to move forward here. Cathy and I are working on that. If they don’t do it then I will have a presentation to you because we’re asking and we’re putting it out there. One company’s been down here twice and they have not given us a quote yet so I will be addressing them with a phone call and saying do you guys not want the business or do you want ours?
  • ·I did not print out the book yet and I’ll tell you what, I just dropped the ball on that, totally spaced it. So I’ll highlight that, the AFDA book. But you guys all got an electronic copy of it, the handbook.
  • ·You guys will see, I haven’t purchased it or anything I just want you guys to look at it first but there is a thing in there for a floor buffer and that’s from Kennedy Supply Services. When I was in Tucson I looked at Costco to see if they had one because every now and then they get them and stuff. But I think we’re looking at about $1,000 to buy one, roughly $1,000. We want to make when we buy it that we get the UL rating. The 17 I think is going to be just fine for us and it’s $932 so we’re going to pay $15 more, it’s 175 RPM, 17 HD, it’s $932, it’s $15 more but we get the UL approved. And the thing is we want to make sure we have the UL approved because it the thing catches on fire and we burn our fire station down… For a public building we want to make sure that we have a tested piece of equipment. They sell brushes there and to be honest with you I didn’t even look at those but we buy our supplies there so I can, we have an account with them. And to do these right you have to scrub them you have to strip them and then you have to coat them. And the way I’m probably going to do it once we get this is once a quarter I’m going to have each shift take a part of the station and that will be their responsibility, so that’s there.
  • ·The bathroom quotes: we got a couple in; we got a couple more we’re waiting on. I gave you one there to look at – I’m not happy with that one. I’m not going to mention the name of the company or anything, you guys can look at when I get some more. I just think that’s… I’ll just let you guys look at it there’s no reason to… we just got that so. We don’t need to discuss the money or anything on it because if you guys go to pick one… yeah, ok. We have Sierra Vista Remodel is scheduled for a quote and so is Perrills and then Mr. Fix It.
  • ·And again I showed you, I gave you guys a copy of the inspection sheet for the fire station that I’m putting together. I would like you guys to look at that, if there’s something you like, you don’t like, tell me and I can pull it out. I started working on one and like I said I got to recreate the form because it’s protected. That is just a copy for you to read but we’re not going to do anything with it now but you guys have a copy to look at.
  • ·And also in your packets there is your AFDA Conference stuff. And I just want to tell you guys, we will be posting that tomorrow because we have to post it because there will be a quorum present and so we’re going to post it but the posting will have the names of the board members, your last names, that are going and that no official fire district business will be conducted, and I have to. I will get with Chief Allmon tomorrow and Tammy to get that open meeting law book for you guys to read.

Michelle Bell made the following motion, seconded by Mary Foote and approved all in favor none opposed:

Move to accept the Chief’s Report as presented.

Board Member Comments:

Chief Bidon said he will call Mary Foote to come in for an inspection.

Wayne Lewis stated he has meetings that will prevent him from attending the next three board meetings unless they are moved to a different day. A discussion ensued and it was decided to move all board meetings to the third Wednesday of each month effective July, 2015.


Wayne Lewis made the following motion, seconded by Michelle Bell and approved all in favor none opposed:

Adjourn the meeting.

Ken Leffler, Acting Chairman
Diana Jones, Billing Administrator

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