September Board Meeting Minutes

BOARD MEETING, September 16th, 2015

Call to Order/Roll Call/Affirmation of Quorum/Pledge of Allegiance:

Chairman, Rick Evans, called the meeting to order at 6:15 p.m. The meeting was held in the Whetstone Fire District Station 321 classroom, 2422 N Firehouse Lane, Huachuca City, Arizona.

Members Present:

Rick Evans, Chairman
Ken Leffler, Clerk
Michelle Bell, Board Member

Staff Present:

Peter Bidon, Fire Chief


Mary Foote, Board Member
Wayne Lewis, Board Member

It was determined a quorum existed with three board members present.

Call to the Public:

No members of the public wished to address the board.

Old Business:

No Old Business

New Business:

1. Review, Amendment and Possible Approval of Public Session Minutes for July 2015 and August 2015

July minutes were not available for approval.

MOTION: Move to approve the Public Session Minutes as presented
RESULT: August minutes approved, all in favor none opposed
MOVED BY: Ken Leffler
SECONDED: Michelle Bell

2. Review, Discussion and Possible Acceptance of Resignation of Board Member Wayne Lewis

  • Resignation Submitted on 8/27/2015

No further information regarding Wayne Lewis’s resignation is available.

MOTION: Move to accept the Resignation of Wayne Lewis
RESULT: Approved, all in favor none opposed
MOVED BY: Ken Leffler
SECONDED: Michelle Bell

3. Review, Discussion and Possible Approval of the Financial Reports

The board members have a copy of an email sent to Cathy Dyer from the county stating the financial reports were mailed to the district yesterday. We are still in the black even with a couple extra expenditures.

MOTION: Move to accept the Financial Reports as presented
RESULT: Approved, all in favor none opposed
MOVED BY: Michelle Bell
SECONDED: Ken Leffler

Chief’s Report:
Information regarding the following topics was presented by the fire chief:

75 calls for service for the month of August
No new construction or business inspections
Training has been fire and EMS training
Significant events: 2 tires replaced on the ladder truck, assisted Huachuca City with a structure fire and the brush truck was sent to the city to repair an overheating problem.
Got a letter from Bobby L Chapman, a resident of the district who was unable to attend tonight’s meeting

MOTION: Accept the Chief’s Report as presented
RESULT: Approved, all in favor none opposed
MOVED BY: Ken Leffler
SECONDED: Michelle Bell

Board Member Comments:

Ken Leffler likes the way the minutes are being done now.

Rick Evans wants changes made to the agenda: change possible approval and possible acceptance to possible action. Also all reports should have a date, page number and title (identifier).

Rick Evans wants written information regarding how Wayne Lewis’s resignation was received and how Mr. Chapman’s letter of interest was received.

Ken Leffler stated Mr. Chapman needs to be at the next board meeting for an interview along with anybody else who has an interest in becoming a fire board member. Rick Evans wants correspondence to potential board members to be in writing. Rick Evans wants a letter written and sent to Mr. Chapman asking what interest he has in becoming a board member, what previous experience and qualifications he has that may be applicable; a number to call for questions and thank you for your interest should be included. Ken Leffler stated the letter should contain: questions will be asked and action taken at the next meeting. Rick Evans added school work and qualifications are a requirement. Chief Bidon will have the letter written.

Michelle Bell stated she wants a work session scheduled for the board members and chief to fine tune the board meetings. Any action item will be posted on the agenda next month for adoption. The meeting was scheduled for Monday September 21st at 6:00. Rick Evans wants the work session agenda to state: setting procedures for the conduct of meetings. Rick Evans wants a refresher on Roberts Rules of Order and the Arizona Revised Statues for the open meeting laws. Chief Bidon said he will provide a PowerPoint presentation and have Cathy Dyer call Mary Foote.

Michelle Bell asked if the tax levy was taken care of. Chief Bidon stated the tax rate will stay at 2.40 (for PBW) until next November because it was not turned in before November.

Rick Evans stated that all board members should be notified immediately regarding anything significant enough for the board to have to meet and take action on whether it is a rumor, misconduct or complaint, etc.


MOTION: Adjourn the meeting
RESULT: Approved, all in favor none opposed
MOVED BY: Ken Leffler
SECONDED: Michelle Bell

Rick Evans, Chairman
Diana Jones, Billing Administrator


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humidity: 19%
wind: 5mph NNE
H 58 • L 22
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